Prescription and over the Counter medicine

We produce and distribute a wide array of prescription and OTC drugs which have been tested and proven over the years.Famous brands include: tricoff, alimox, nexid gel, benacoff.more

Veterinary medicines.

our veterinary medicines are 100% effective and the best in the Kenyan market. our brands include: Flukan 10%, flukan 2.5%, Nilzol liquid,Heltivetmore

Nutritional supplements.

Our bodies require nutrients to grow, develop and function optimally.Our supplements have been tested and used for several years.Brands include: nutrivita, alvita, pregviva, appevitemore


We distribute to a number of pharmacies in East Africa. we also distribute wholesale and are available for contact from 7am-8pm. more
Sphinx Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is a pharmaceutical manufacturing and distribution company with over 15 years in the industry.we manufacture medicines that help improve and save lives.


We value life over profits, and ensure that every product passes through the quality assurance labs before it gets dispatched.

Quality Labs.
We have up to date quality labs in which we perform research and development.Our scientists are well trained chemists and pharmacists with vast experience in the field...

“Quality, Affordable medicine that helps save lives”

Contact Information

Old North Airport road
Phone:+254 2032570/1
Mobile:254 722565305